01. თავისუფლება (Tavisupleba)
02. Nino Katamadze - Once In The Street
03. Nino Katamadze - yvavilebis qveyana
გამარჯობათ! როგორა ხართ? I should hope you're doing well! My name is Georgia as the rest of the world calls me, but if you call me Sakartvelo that would be nice as well. But Bedisa will suffice if you wish to call me as such.

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ძალა ერთობაშია  -  dsala ertobashia
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güzel şehir..
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გამარჯობა!  Welcome, both of you!

god-and-my-right sent: (( lol kidding here you go )) Hello, Bedisa! It's been a while!

Oh, Arthur!  It’s nice to see you, it has been awhile, hasn’t it!  I should hope you’re doing well.

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This is one of my favorite photos that I took in Georgia this summer. It’s in a region called Kakheti, which is famous for wine.
It was such an incredible place (like everything else in Georgia); we were driving in the evening right after dinner, and everything was so beautiful that we had to stop and admire the view.
I wish I had a panoramic picture to show you all just how beautiful it was.
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Georgian inscriptions.
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*ponders a bit, looking up* Hm, I guess it makes sense. I suppose it’s not such a bad place after all. I was a bit insecure about joining because of all the risks the Internet has and the like…

Oh, well risks shouldn’t be too much of a concern, if you really need to you can block people from talking to you, I’m not too sure on how to do it myself, but my admin is happy to do it for me should the need arise.  That aside, would you like anything since you’re here? *sips from the glass of wine in her right hand*

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Oh, hi Bedisa! Nice to see you as well.

This is all a bit too confusing but my admin tells me to say “thanks for following”? What does that mean? And I-I’m not stalking you, don’t think such a thing!!

Hmm?  Well, I can’t say I’m too familiar with why they call it that, but it just means that you can see the things I post on the front tumblr page is all.  Does that make sense?  My admin is more familiar with this site than I am. *releases a laugh*

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Oh, Arthur!  გამარჯობ, it’s nice to see you!